“David was great to work  he has not only created some fantastic pieces of music, but also threw in extra great sound effects, but also cleaned up the existing audio that made the production sound fantastic. He is also a good source of advice and is a really hard-worker at making sure productions get attention through social media. Thanks David!”

Ed Boyd

#5Goals Brickington Series


“Thank you for your great effort to this film. I hope you enjoyed this collaboration and I hope we have a chance to work together again in the future “

Dota Sata

Better to Give Than Receive


“Your track is one of the best observed and composed tracks I have heard for an animated short in the nine years I have been teaching. Composers don’t often get praise and I appreciate the care you are giving Anna’s project”

Ric Heitzman

Associate Professor of Animation

School of Media, Culture and Design

Woodbury University


“Throughout the process, I thoroughly enjoyed this experience! I feel like he knew exactly what kind of a feel of music the film should have and executed this wonderfully!

Both the sound effects and music feel like they belong in the film. Having everything working together to enhance the visuals and making the world believable to the audience is a craft that is not easily mastered.

Dave takes great care and pride in the work he does and works very well with others! I believe that this was not only a positive learning experience, but also a growing experience that I am truly humble to have had.”

Anna Sher

Unlike a Dragon


“Working with Dave, showed a high level of detail and knowledge of his craft. I’d highly recommend working with him.”

Lyndon White